Friday, June 21, 2013

Googaro June Subscription Box Review

I was super excited to try out Googaro this month - it's a new baby and kid's subscription box service that just launched, and I happen to love receiving these monthly surprise boxes in the mail! I thought I missed the cut off for subscribing for this month, but since it's their first month, it looks like they sent out two batches! We received our first one yesterday in round 2 of the deliveries.

They knocked it out of the park for their first month! Really high-quality items, all full-sized, and they delivered some new brands and old favorites for us to try.

Here's what the box looked like for a 12 month old girl:

And here's the insert card (sorry this is sideways):

Time to go through the items! 


First up: A Sugarbooger Spill-Proof Baby Bowl.  I'm really excited to try this and I LOVE that it has a suction bottom and is BPA free. For the most part we feed Little M directly on her high chair tray or her place-mat (I will do an entire post dedicated to her place-mat because I love the thing so much)....and the reason for this is because if we gave her a plate or a bowl, she'd swipe it to the floor in .5 seconds. This is a new brand for us and it's great to get introduced to it via Googaro. 

Googaro doesn't give prices for their items on the sheet so I'm going to use to estimate the price. 
Approx. Price: $10.00

We also received a matching set of SugerBooger Peek-a-boo Silverware which is really nice to have. We have a great collection of baby spoons, but as Little M gets older and starts to feed herself, these will be great to have. It's also nice that they come in a carrying case, which is great to throw in the diaper bag.

Approx. price: $7.00

The next item is really exciting - a super-portable shopping cart/high chair cover from Green Sprouts. We already love this brand but I hadn't seen a cover this compact before! We happen to have one already, but it's a big, fluffy, quilted pink thing that isn't always easy to carry around. This is a really great item to receive...I can fit it in my purse (for those times when we run into a restaurant and I take a diaper, a few wipes, and a bottle, not my whole big bag).  One of the things I like most about using these in restaurants is that they save a *little* embarrassment by catching some of the food Little M drops everywhere. My only complaint: I wish the color was a little more girly :)

Approx. price:  $10.99

We love Plum Organics little cremes - Little M eats these all the time! Glad to have a new bag for her to munch on!

Approx. price:  $3.69

And last but not least, Scrubble bath toys from Boon. Boon makes such innovative, well designed products and these are going to be a big hit in our household! Little M is swimming a lot these days, and she also loves bathtime, so squirty toys are always welcome here! A really nice feature on these is that they are interchangeable...which means you can clean them inside and out and prevent mold/mildew. Love!

Approx. price: $9.05

Total Value: $40.73
My cost: $28.88 (I used a coupon code off the normal subscription monthly cost of $32/month)

I really feel like I got the value out of my subscription this month! I love all the products we received and I'm super stoked to try them all out! 

If you are interested in trying our Googaro, leave a comment below with your email address and I will email you a referral for $10 off your first month (and I'll get a $10 credit too :) ). 

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