Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ombre Pink Cupcake Stand

Little M's first birthday is approaching, and it's time for me to get started on some crafty touches to make the day extra special.

First up: an ombre cupcake stand! 

I'm that nutty lady that emailed her bakery a pretty intense schematic of what she wants for the big day:

The whole idea is that the ombre stand will work together with the ombre cupcakes and I'm super excited to see how the final tower turns out.

I purchased this stand from amazon, but you can also buy it from the manufacturer for the same price (and they offer a 10% off code if you "Like" them on facebook). This stand is AWESOME. So sturdy, a bit hard to put together, but that's the point - the pieces need to be snug. Just takes a little elbow grease and you've got a stand that can hold 70-90 standard cupcakes (or just put some of the top tiers together for a smaller amount - so versatile!).

Here's the blank canvas:

For this project, you will need:
  • fabric trim or ribbon in as many graduated shades of a color as you have tiers (to create the ombre effect - I have 5)
  • double sided foam tape (make sure you buy a lot...I needed 4 60" rolls)
  • a cupcake stand
  • a hot glue gun and glue sticks

I chose to use 5 different shades of pink ruffled fabric trim:

And 3/4" foam tape:

First, take your foam tape, line up the top edge, and wrap it all the way around the tier. It really helps if you keep the waxy sticker cover on the outside so you can press down on the edge once you are done.

Then, peel away the sticker cover to expose the adhesive:

Next it's time to apply your trim or ribbon! If you bought fabric trim that's really supposed to be used to sandwich the edge of fabric (some of mine were like this), use your hot glue gun to first seal the border:

Then it's time to start wrapping your trim around your foam!

Once you get to the end, leave a little extra fabric to overlap the seam:

Put a bead of hot glue at the edge, then fold it over:

 Then put another line of glue on the clean edge and press it down:

Tada! One tier down, 4 to go!

Keep repeating the steps for each additional tier, making sure to go from darkest to lightest fabric as you move up:

(another tip...don't run out of foam at 10pm...note the change in photos from night to day whoops!)

Tada!! Here's what it looks like with every ruffled layer complete:

I love the finished product!!! I can't wait to fill this with cupcakes and top it off with Little M's smash cake!!

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