Friday, June 28, 2013

Pink Ombre Tissue Poms

Time for another craft for Little M's party!

Since I'm kind of going with the pink ombre theme (on top of the princess theme, duh!), I decided to make some ombre tissue poms to hang/display on the special day. Depending on how you make these, you can hang them or use them as centerpieces. I'm thinking about doing both!

I, of course, have to credit Martha herself for my original tutorial on making these. The first time I did, I used whatever tissue paper my mom had laying around the house and the wire from a dry cleaning hanger :-) Good for practice...not exactly professional looking though!

For this project, you will need (for each pom):
  • 10-12 sheets of tissue paper (2-4 sheets each of graduated colors if making ombre poms)
  • 12"-18" thin, flexible wire (I used 26 gauge)
  • scissors
  • clear fishing line (or ribbon) if you want to hang them

I found this great ombre paper in 5 shades of pink at Target for $2 per pack...that work's out to only $1 per pom. They have several color palates if you want an easy ombre scheme...

Start by laying all of your paper on a table from lightest to darkest. I used 2 sheets each of 5 graduated pink tones (and white). Starting with the narrow side of the rectangle, make a fold with about 2" of the paper.

Continue folding the paper back and forth like an accordion until you reach the end. Crease the folds well.

Find the center of the paper and wrap your wire around it a few times. Make sure that the two end pieces end up on the side you want to hang the poms from. I wanted the lighted color on the top, so that's where I wrapped the wire to.

If you plan on hanging these, I like to make a little loop out of the wire ends to make it easy! Simply gather the ends, and wrap them around your finger.

Then, take the excess tail and wrap it arounf the base of the loop (keeping your finger in place until you are done).

You can skip this step if you don't plan to hang these, but this makes a really easy place to tie your fishing line to.

The next step is to cut both ends of your can totally get creative here. I like the look of a nice scalloped edge (makes them look like peony poms), but a more pointed end is really fluttery and pretty too. 

Time to fluff! Start by peeling one layer at a time upwards towards the center of the pom. Take care not to tear the tissue.

Do this layer by layer on the top half of the pom....

...And then stop when you get to the mid-point of your layers.  If you wanted to make centerpieces, you could totally stop here and be done with it! I think this would look great using a much smaller piece of tissue paper, resulting in tiny flowers to place on your table.

If you want to make hanging poms, flip the pom over and start peeling layers in the opposite direction.

SO easy! Just fluff until you are happy with it, and you're all done!

I'm not quite ready to hang these yet, as Little M's party isn't for another month. I'm planning to make 20 or so of these, 10 of which I'll hang in a cluster from the ceiling above her cake table (and the rest I'll hang outside in trees, from tents, etc.). I think they look great with the ombre cupcake display stand I made a few days ago!

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