Sunday, June 23, 2013

Princess Waffles

Yes, yes I did. And to honor that, I'm writing this entire post in pink!

I'm pretty sure my husband thinks I'm nuts. And I know for a fact that Little M doesn't know what a waffle or a princess is.....yet.

But when she gets older, and she has sleepovers, and birthdays, and Mondays, I'm going to want to make her a little pick me up with this amazing contraption. I saw it on amazon and I just couldn't resist!! Could you? 

Of course I had to test it out! I wish I had some exciting waffle recipe to share with you, but I used a boxed (from Target) mix.

But I made it pink :) Because, I mean really, why not?!? We're talking about PRINCESS WAFFLES here!

After heating the waffle iron up for a few minutes, we were ready to roll!

And a few short minutes later.... tada!! 

Amazing, right? 

I've clearly got a little practice to do figuring out the perfect amount of batter to make the full design, but for a first trial this was a success! Little M really enjoyed her waffle (although she really only gummed it for a few minutes ;-) )

I'm pretty positive this little machine is going to contribute to loads and loads of happy mornings (and nights....waffles for dinner are awesome too) in Little M's future!  Now I have to start working on some great recipes.... I'm wondering how a cookie made in this would turn out! Going to try that in the future.....(thanks, Pinterest!)

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