Monday, July 8, 2013

Googaro July Subscription Box Review

Today we received our July Googaro subscription box for a 12 month girl and WOW am I impressed!! For the second month in a row, Googaro has really knocked it out of the park!

Based on last month's box, I was pretty much stalking the mailman today. And for good reason, it turns out!

I couldn't even wait for Little M to wake up and open it with me! Bad mommy!

Here's the content card (which is actually missing an item...mistake or awesome surprise?? Either way I'm happy!!):

Here's what all the items looked like:

First up is something I TOTALLY needed but was doing without - a portable diaper pouch by Ah goo baby. LOVE this!! The pattern is super cute and mod, and the pouch itself is really nice. I often throw a diaper or two in my purse for quick trips out - now they wont get all junked up inside my bag of mysteries!  This bag is generously sized (yet definitely small enough for my bag) - I bet I could even fit a small wipes bag in along with 2 or 3 diapers.

Googaro doesn't give prices on its info card, so I'm using amazon to estimate value. It looks like these diaper pouches run around $10.00.

Next is a toy that I would have been really excited to have - the Slide and Seek Safari from Melissa & Doug....except that we just received one from Stork Stack last week. I can tell you that Little M likes this toy I'm sure it will make a good gift for another friend!

The value of this toy is $5.99.

I really love BabyGanics products - I use their all purpose cleaner on Little M's high chair tray every single day (x3 at least). I've never used their Fabric & Nursery Freshener, but it smells very fresh! I don't typically use room or fabric sprays but I'm going to give this one a shot.

It looks like this retails on amazon for $4.50 for this size bottle.

We love this Baby Books CD from Child's Play! I put it on in the car tonight and Little M was dancing around to the music. Each of the songs is played in a few different ways - spoken, sung, etc.  I'll definitely keep this in rotation in the car.

I can't find a value for this online I'm going to guess $7? Sorry Child's Play if I really underestimated the value!!

Last month we were introduced to SugarBooger via Googaro - and I was super thrilled to get something else from them. We got a Good Lunch Snack Bag Set with THREE, count 'em, 3 different bags! Amazing! Sorry I didn't take a picture of the individual bags, but I linked to the set above for you to check it out. One bag was like a clear quart sized ziplock baggie, but sturdier and reusable, with a sliding zip lock on top. I've already filled it with Little M's fave snack, Cheerios, and it's a new staple in my diaper bag. The other two bags are fabric (washable in the washing machine!) with a wipe-clean style liner. One is big enough to hold a sandwich, the other is about half that size to hold a snack :)

This retails for around $11.00 on amazon.

Last we have our surprise (mistake?) item! Who doesn't love a bonus? Sorry the picture is sideways, but this is one of Little M's fave purees from Happy Baby. She's not really into eating purees these days, but when she's in the mood I'm sure she'll gobble it right up! 

I know from personal buying experience these run around $1.50 each. 

So all in all, this was a great box!! If you're interested in signing up, comment below with your email address or fill out the form on the right and I'll send you a referral link - we'll both get a $10 credit that way!

Total Value (totally estimating here, esp. because of the CD): $39.99
I paid: $28.88 (using a coupon code)

I can't wait for next month!!

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    please email me, id love to get this box for my son!