Saturday, July 6, 2013

July Stork Stack Subscription Box Review

Look what the stork brought this morning!!

I always get super excited when one of these subscription boxes gets dropped off on our doorstep. Stork Stack's theme for July is "Ready, Set, Summer!" and I think they did a pretty good job with the theme. Here's a peek at what the information card looks like:

Let's go through the items!

First up is a Baby UPF 50+ Reversible Sun Hat from Baby Banz. This hat is designed really well - Little M hates having hat straps tied around her - this one has an adjustable velcro closure that avoids straps altogether. Sweet! The only issue here is that this basically will match nothing in Little M's's super masculine and frankly I will probably have to give it away to a lucky friend because it's just too boyish for our taste. Pretty unfortunate :(

The hat is valued at $19.00 per Stork Stack, but it looks like you can purchase it anywhere from $11-15 on amazon. I'm going to put a value of $12 on it based on that.

Next is a Melissa & Doug Slide & Seek Safari toy. We love this company! They make really cute toys for all different ages, and I bet Little M will absolutely love playing with this!

Stork Stack valued this at $5.99 (and actually amazon has it priced at $7.99, but offers the SS quoted price. 

These next treats look super tasty! Bitsy's Brainfood is a new brand for us to try out and I'm excited to do so - these look like something Little M will love to munch on. Zucchini is one of her fave veggies, and she's really into the snack cookies (who isn't?!?). I can't wait for her to wake up from her nap to taste one!

Stork Stack has valued these at $2.50, and that seems to be the going price.

Then we have 5 samples of Supergoop! Everyday Face and Body Lotion. I actually really love sample sized moisturizers...I personally have really dry skin, and little packets like this are perfect for my wallet. I will probably use these on me and not Little M :) Of course I wish it were a full-sized bottle, but I'll take what I can get!

Stork Stack values 6oz of this at $19...but I think that was a mistake. 1.5oz on the Supergoop! site is $15. Since the sample is only 0.5oz, that makes these samples worth about $5.00.

And last, we have a Grow it! book from Child's Play International. In the past, I've felt like the board books from this publisher are a little flimsy - they just feel kind of cheap. This book has a much better feel to it, although it contains real (somewhat thick) pages....that could mean disaster from my little paper ripping monster, but we shall see!  I'll read it to Little M later today - we love new books!

Stork Stack values this at $5.99, but amazon sells it for $5.39.

All in all, this was a pretty great box. I wish that my biggest-value item was gender appropriate (and since their customer service is great - I'm going to reach out to see if they can do something about that! ***update about 12 hours later - heard from their team already! Super fast and super friendly, and I think they are sending a different item instead! Now that's great service and one of the reasons I love this company!!!***), but overall we have a few new brands to try and some things I think Little M will really like.

I paid $21.75 for this box, and the total value (using the amazon prices) was $30.88 - not too bad!

I highly recommend that you check out Stork Stack! Every month, they send you a box filled with the highest-quality products for your baby AND you. You're going to love it! Enjoy $10 off of a membership with this unique referral code: 438BBC41  (and I'll get $10 off too!)


  1. I got the same hat for my little girl and in just a few hours after contacting them they are sending me a new one! I agree they have great customer service!!!

  2. That's awesome! They confirmed we're getting a new one too. So glad we both had great experiences - they really are so nice to work with!